We are recording engineers, producers and musicians who’ve dedicated our life to crafting and recording great music.

We exist to bring musical ideas to life. We want you to do it in a comfortable setting, surrounded by instruments and toys that inspire. We want you to have a flexible headphone mix, lighting to fit the mood, excellent gear, and inspiring spaces in which to get great takes.

We recognize that what comes out of the studio reflects on us as recording engineers, mix engineers and producers as much as it does on you as a musician. We care about every aspect of the recording.


Ice Cream Factory Studio started in an old warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio. In a former life, the warehouse was the home of Sterling Ice Cream “Frozen Novelties & Stick Confections”. The original studio space is still home to several sculptors and painters, and continues to be a thriving arts and music hub.

Matt moved the studio to Austin in 2008, with high hopes of getting into in the music scene as a bassist, keyboardist and recording engineer. Performances and connections happened very quickly, and within a few years he had moved the studio into a space formerly used by The Nest Recording, Trail of Dead, and Paul Barker (Ministry, Lead Into Gold), among others.

In 2017 Ice Cream Factory and Satellite Studio decided to combine forces. The combination of gear has set Ice Cream Factory at the forefront of Texas recording studios with a complete tracking and mixing facility filled with extremely rare and desirable vintage microphones, compressors, a vintage Neve console, a wide variety of outboard preamps and EQs, top of the line A/D D/A conversion and monitoring, and an enviable selection of amps, keyboards, drums, basses and guitars.