Everything in this playlist was recorded, mixed, mastered, or all three at ICF Studio

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Ice Cream Factory Studio was voted Best Studio in Austin in the 2024 Austin Chronicle Music Awards! Matt was previously awarded the Best Producer award, and played for several years with Quiet Company, who won the Best Rock Band award several times.

Head engineer Matt Parmenter and Brett Serrell have been co-producing an ongoing project called Polaroid Collective with artists from all over the U.S. and Canada, hoping to expand even further in the coming years. You can listen to Polaroid Collective tracks on Tidal or Spotify

Matt won an Emmy for audio engineering! Together with the city of Austin’s ATXN crew, this episode of Notes In Time with Carrie Rodriguez was shot at ICF and won an Emmy for best non-news entertainment short format program at the 2018 Lone Star Emmy Awards!

Chrysta Bell – Undertow
Chrysta Bell (Twin Peaks) and her fantastic band of San Antonio and Austin based musicians recorded three of the four songs on her new EP with us, with Christopher Smart at the producer’s helm. We were able to employ the EMT 140 plate reverb and the AKG BX20 spring reverb to create the ethereal sounds of this beautiful collection of songs. The fourth track was produced by Alex Silva (Suede, Manic Street Preachers, Imogen Heap). Check it out here

Ringo Starr/United Nations International Day of Peace
Casey McPherson was asked to record harmony and chorus vocals for a song written for the United Nations by Ringo Starr, featuring Richard Page, Colin Hay and Billy Valentine on lead vocals and Joe Walsh on guitar. Matt and Casey tracked several harmony options and even an alternate verse. Producer Bruce Sugar added most of our tracks, though tragically, that third verse didn’t make it in. Great song, much needed message – check out the video here.

These ridiculously talented guys have a full length album which will soon be released. The first single is below, and below that is a song they played live in the studio. Video shot and edited by the lovely people at Swng Productions. No overdubs, no edits, just pure power-pop straight from the source!

BELCURVE – Night Time (EP)
This EP was a few years in the making, starting with tracks laid down at The Bubble with Frenchie Smith producing, followed by more tracks from Sweetheart Studio with Seth Gibbs producing, and wrapping up with retracks, overdubs, new performances and production, mixing and mastering at ICF. It’s pretty great, and has started this band down the road to a very cohesive, unique sound. Our late friend John Winsor is featured on guitar and upright bass on most of the tracks on this EP. A kind heart and prodigious talent gone far too soon, John is deeply missed by the entire Austin music community.

Jason has been sending me incredible, complex tracks of his wild, schizophrenic compositions. I’ve been mixing them. These sprawling works will still get stuck in your head much like any 3 minute pop tune, but bigger.

The lyrics for this song were written by Matt’s cousin Josh, who passed away a few years ago. Matt and a few friends decided to turn the lyrics into a rock ‘n roll meets country tune.

Tyler Stuckey wrote the chords and sang, Jason Caviola played lead and rhythm guitar, Tyler Speicher played rhythm guitar, Michael Bahan played drums, Matt Parmenter played bass, keys, backing vocals, and he also produced, mixed and mastered the track.

The band decided to re-record their first album, re-imagine a couple of the tracks, and add some bonus songs from the era of the original recording. This was tracked at ICF and mixed by the mighty Mike Major

The album “We Are All Where We Belong” was released to critical praise and opened many doors for Quiet Company. It was recorded and co-produced by Matt Parmenter and mixed by the legendary Tim Palmer.

The previous EP, “Songs For Staying In” was tracked and mixed in its entirety at Ice Cream Factory Studio. The track “How Do You Do It?” garnered local and national airplay and was featured in a national Triscuit commercial and The PLAYERS Championship 2013 TV Spot: Golf’s Greatest – The History